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Nithya Shree - Burrp User

Nithya Shree

December 24,2015

Perfect English breakfast

If you're craving for a nice English breakfast , you've gotta go here . They have pancakes and sandwiches and sausages . My personal favourite is the funky monkey which has bananas with chocolate syrup and sprinkles . The Nutella waffle is also delicious .
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Debolina Ray - Burrp User

Debolina Ray

February 16,2015

My favorite place for breakfast

I recall one of my older visits to this place and remember seeing this very interesting sign near their billing counter. Patience is not how long you wait, it's how you behave while you wait. And that is so true. The hole in the wall is one of the common breakfast/hang out joints in Koramangala. Went there on Saturday morning after ages to have breakfast. A table is hard to get, even though we were quite early. But a short wait led us to our table outside. Already very hungry, I had scoured the menu and we went with The Complete Meaty Omlette and The Whole Nine Yards Hash. Both very good choices I must say. :P

The Whole Nine Yards is very interesting, like a breakfast salad with chicken salami, potato hash browns, mushrooms and eggs served with toast on the side. Our choice in the Meaty Omlette was bacon and like most things with bacon, this was good! We ordered watermelon juice and that was a little inconsistent but you won't hear me complaining a lot. It was a nice sumptuous breakfast, freshly made, with great taste. As a bacon lover, I do recommend they put some more options of crispy or fried bacon on the menu. Service was quite prompt, and despite being packed, our food was served quickly.

Thumbs up all the way, for this place. And like I said at the start, be patient for the food and service here.
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Abhishek Jain - Burrp User

Abhishek Jain

July 05,2014

Hole in the Reputation!

We have heard so much about this place and had lot of expectations. They seemed to be true when we had to wait for 15 minutes at 10:00 in the morning on a Thursday!!

We ordered two Omelettes and a Strawberry smoothie. The omelette was not cooked well.... Strawberry smoothie was sour!! We wished Bocha Grande was open on a weekday.

Maybe people here can suggest what are the dishes people order to make people wait for 15 minutes on a weekday morning!
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banned - Burrp User


November 30,2013

Pseud Fued

I don't know if we learnt from Them or They from us: Build up a reputation and milk it for all its worth. That's the vision statement. It is The place for the psueds in Bangalore. The stuff they serve is awful. Better take the early flight to Amsterdam, you get better breakfast on the flight, if not you can always get some genuine European breakfast. Always read the most recent reviews, and look at the most recent ratings. Unfortunately, its tough to separate the fake reviews and the genuinely misguided ones. You've been warned!
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Navya Jami - Burrp User

Navya Jami

October 25,2013

Too Slow Service

The perfect food for a brunch but the only drawback is that the brunch time becomes lunch time by the time we get a table and it is way past lunch time by the time we finish our food. The food is undoubtedly delicious and there are all possible breakfast dishes you can make using eggs. We loved every bite and it was worth every penny we paid. The staff is a little confused and there is no order while allocating tables to the people waiting though they maintain the order on paper. People randomly sit even though they came really late compared to the one's waiting. So, if you want to try this place, you better go on a weekday or go quite early on a weekend. Might help a little to enjoy the food rather than starving till you get a place to sit.
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geoffreyknights - Burrp User


October 22,2013

A Welcome change!

Have been tiered of the usual short eats and found this place in Koramangala to be a true surprise. My first visit was at their old location near Maharaja hotel, I found it a nice addition... I liked the variety in food and probably the only home style continental breakfasts available in Bangalore... I loved their pancakes and sandwiches....However their business hours were quite erratic and found them to be closed whenever I went for some indulgence. One day, I found that the cafe was closed at this location and thought to myself that this one would surely be missed. I was pleasantly surprised that they did open the cafe again and was thrilled to get in to my lost memories of the place... Only to be disappointed again! I asked for the pancakes which I cherished earlier, and was told that they do not have them as they are out of stock on the premix batter! I was taken aback that what I used to like as a Home style and fresh made pancakes were actually of a premix batter! Not much to write about the ambiance as its a home converted to a cafe, with used cans as tissue holders! The prices do seem to have traveled north. Would love to visit this place again, provided they are stocked well enough and open to business in the evening during Sunday!
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Sahana Shetty - Burrp User

Sahana Shetty

October 14,2013

Overrated!! Not Worth The Wait Time of 45 Minutes

We were a group of 6 including a 5 year old. We were initially told to wait for 20 minutes and post that constant 5 minute excuses. We were asked by the lady(probably the owner) to approach the guest directly to vacate the table. Ridiculous!!! After waiting for 45 minutes we were told to sit in two separate tables .We walked out of the restaurant. The lady was rude!!! Would have appreciated a straight forward response of the wait time being over 45 minutes. We would have looked for alternatives. I have always read comments about a wait time of 45 minutes and ignored this feedback because I am a regular at Hole In The Wall and loved the place. Please do not waste your time here . Clearly the owners are not interested in fixing this. As for the 6 of us, we swore never to visit this overrated place again!!! Totally not worth it .
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Sonal Palkar - Burrp User

Sonal Palkar

June 28,2013

A Perfect Breakfast Place

We reached this place at 10 on a Sunday morning. Since it was just two of us we got the place in half an hour. Guessing it will take much longer for larger groups. We ordered the Farmers breakfast, Cold Coffee, the great Goan sausage fest and fresh juice of the day (watermelon) The Farmers breakfast was ok, nothing different. The Juice was fresh and perfect, The great Goan sausage fest was simply delicious (recommended), cold coffee was also decent. In all a good breakfast and pretty reasonable.
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kirti_sabby - Burrp User


June 13,2012

Give me more!!

Brunch places on a sunday afternoon is something which Bangalore has been craving for. Pricey 5 star lounges should make way for this incredibly tiny yet cute place hidden in a corner behind Maharaja hotel in Koramangala. Having been there more than 3 times, I can vouch for the freshness and taste of their food. From omletes stuffed with veggie to pancakes and waffles this place brings back memories of sunday morning breakfast at home. The only drawback is that this restaurant is too small. Average waiting time is 30 minutes and by then a lot of their fresh juices tend to get over. Try their seasonal aam panna- one of the best I have ever tried!
The place is surprisingly dirt cheap and a meal for two would range from 400-450 bucks.
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Wafa Rizvi - Burrp User

Wafa Rizvi

May 27,2012

Tasty Breakfast

We keep looking for good and new breakfast places to try out. This one had good reviews so we thought we should check it out. Well, like we had read that the place has waiting period and OMG it had. We went for breakfast and ended up having lunch! waitied for almost an hour to get a table for 4. We ordered English Breakfast and it was upto the mark. Really liked their sausages. Coffee could have been better. Waffle was alright. I think the place can do much better once they learn to manage the crowd well. As I could see the owner running around. It must be very hectic for him to do all the cooking and serving and managing the entire place. I really wish you guys get into a larger place so, that we don't have to wait for the yummy breakfast. The place is worth the try though.
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IJ  - Burrp User


July 25,2011

For a Perfect Sunday brunch!!!

One of the best cafes to catch up for brunch in a very quiet environment on a lazy Sunday. An ideal place for the continental breakfast lovers. It is a small place that can accommodate roughly 20-25 people at a time so I would suggest you get there a little early during the weekends as the place gets crowded and you might have to wait for your turn however in my experience its worth the wait. Must try out the English breakfast, pancakes and Elvis sandwich.

Would suggest to call them and check the timings they would be open before you visit as they at times close by noon on Sundays. Overall, the food, ambiance and service is excellent and its a value for money!!! Will be frequenting this place more often...
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