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Asha Nath - Burrp User

Asha Nath

March 01,2015

amazing maharashtrian food

The famous place to have amazing Maharasthrian food even though they serve dishes like dosas nowadays, my mom loves the original maharashtrian food and we love the Thalipeeth, Pithala Bhakri, Misal Paav, Masala Bhat, Bharli Vangi, Kothimbir Vadi, and Kharwas in the dessert section. Ambiance is family friendly and seating is a bit cramped but the servers are helpful and will help you choose dishes if you have never had Maharashtrian food before.
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Omkar Patki - Burrp User

Omkar Patki

May 21,2014

AASWAD - Down Memory Lane

Aaswad had opened its doors in the late 80s - the time period coincided with my moving from school to college and also from tiffin in the bag to pocket money for a week. Aaswad, since those days, was easy on pocket but never compromised on quality. Today, as market demands, it caters to idlis, dosas, pav bhaji and so on - but its signature dishes are quintessencially Marathi. Sabudana Wada, Sabudana Khichadi, Puri Bhaji, Masale Bhaat, Bhaji Bhakari, Amba Dal, Panhe, Pohe, Misal - you name it and Aaswad has it - the same quality over the years.
My favorites are Amba Dal, Puri Bhaji and Sabudana Khichadi. The amba dal is a delightful tangy concoction of gram flour and granules with small chunks of raw mango and mustard seeds. Sabudana Khichadi is a perfect mixture of pearl sagos, peanuts, green chilly and a curd as accompaniment. Puri Bhaji has multiple delights - Fluffy, fresh Puris; amazingly tasty Potato bhaji; green coconut chutney, fiery red garlic chutney and grated onions.
Over the period of times, competition around Aaswad has changed considerably. But Aaswad still retains that freshness and quality. For us, who have moved on from the turn of college long back, it's both - Nostalgia and Assurance!
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Jayashri  - Burrp User


May 07,2014

Authentic Marathi food!

It is only once in a while when one comes across a dining experience which is so simple yet classic. Maharashtrian cuisine in its most authentic form can be enjoyed at Aaswad. What surprises me though is the inclusion of South Indian snacks and stuff like Pizzas, sandwiches, South Indian etc on the menu. The local cuisine is fantastic by itself and I think it would be plain foolish to have anything other than Marathi food here. Waiting period is a minimum half an hour on weekends(sometimes 1 hour too) so do plan to reach there well in advance to avoid disappointment. Sadly, they do not take reservations on phone and it is essential that you go there personally to give your name and number of diners with you. And then get prepared to wait. I prefer taking a walk around Shivaji park during this waiting time. Three advantages - 1. A good way to spend time 2. Walking is healthy and most importantly 3. You build an appetite!! I went to Aaswad a fortnight back and was prepared for the no-nonsense type quick service which one normally experiences and such traditional food serving joints. But what I got along with speed in service were some patient suggestions on what we could try. Pleasantly surprised to experience no rudeness in their replies to our queries, even as the place was bustling with activity and there were huge crowds waiting outside. And yes, did I mention that the place is air conditioned too! Now for the food. Much has been spoken about the authenticity and awesomeness of the food in all the posts below. My review is also no less different. Here it goes:

The Drinks: We tried the Kokam Sherbet, Kairi Panhe and the Ginger lemon Sherbet. Kairi Panhe which is a seasonal drink made of green mangoes was a clear winner here. Not that I've never had Kairi panhe before, but the innovative touch of saffron(kesar) added to it delighted us all!

The Snacks: Kothambir Wadi, Dahi Misal and Sabudana Wada - Needless to say, all were fantastic. Different types of special chutneys served along with each dish was a revelation. Dahi was a little sour. Ambedal (a kind of traditional salad made of green mango and chana dal) is usually a general accompaniment with the Kairi panhe and we called for one portion of that. The preparation was bursting with tangy flavours and we kept having spoonfuls of it throughout our entire meal. Note: Ambe dal and Kairi Panhe are seasonal preparations generally available during summers. So enjoy it while it lasts! Thalipeeth - Nicely made and served with red garlic chutney and fresh home made butter. We ordered lots of these. Main Course: I am a major fan of Pitla bhakri (rotis served with a spicy preparation made of just besan and other condiments) and that is usually my comfort food in any Marathi restaurant. Here too, we called for Pitla Bhaji Bhakri which additionally offered Brinjal masala along with the Pitla Bhakri. Not to forget another chutney made of spices and onions. Heaven! Finally, we ended with the humble Varan Bhaat which was served in a big shield like plate with two portions of rice with varan on it served with a small piece of lemon. The plate had two different types of dal, fried noodle-like papad and a karanji (fried moon-shaped traditional sweet). Our server pushed us to have a little ghee along with the rice as it would taste better which we eventually agreed to. Heaven-Part II! After our hearty, sumptuous dinner, the bill turned out to be quite a surprise with just around Rs.200-220 per head. We felt full but definitely not heavy and greasy which is exactly what real Maharashtrian food is all about. Keep it up Aaswad! Will be back soon! P.S. I did go there again for dinner with a bigger group this Sunday but the waiting period of 1 hour made me return! Hopefully will be successful to get inside some other time!
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amitpamnani - Burrp User


August 11,2013

simple maharastrian fare

Aaswad is one restaurant which serves simple yet delectable Maharashtrian fare. The main highlights of the menu are kothimbir wadi, thali peeth and misal pav. The food is prepared in a hygienic way and one can feel it just by the look and taste of it. The only drawback in this restaurant is it is good for skinny people, healthy people would be difficult to sneak in their tables. The waiting time is normally 30-45 mins on weekends, but it is surely worth the wait. A mumbai must have for true maharastrian snacks.
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travel_jayshree - Burrp User


June 03,2013

Long Wait Is Justified

Saturday after noon scorching heat at around 2pm... Never expected that we would have to wait for 30-40 mins to get in.... But once you are in, place your orders and wait for the food to b served... The agony of waiting for 40 mins is just vanished on your first bite,be it kothimbir vada, or thaali peeth, matki usal, masale bhaath or d topper of all... Aamba daal... I was never too keen towards marathi cuisine... but Aaswad just redefined my outlook towards maharashtrian food... Wind it up with Piyush... a sweetened lassi kinda serve.... And still you won't feel over stuffed.... Billing is surprisingly very reasonable.... if you are at Dadar... or a foodie lover... do visit this place... :)
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Dhananjay Kale - Burrp User

Dhananjay Kale

January 21,2013

compliments for Aaswad

Aaswas is very good hotel for who has passion about Marathi food with tradition. I had lot time spent at Aaswad hotel AND I enjoyed lot with different foods. Specially we would like to eat Misal, Onion Uttappa, Pithle and many other Marathi foods but this is not only relented with Marathi people but also everybody has desire to test in Aaswad. Aaswad is also located at near by Sena bhavan on central location so anybody can visited at Aaswad with comfort
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Vishal S - Burrp User

Vishal S

October 05,2007

Jai Maharashtra!

Now that's what I call son-of-the-soil... a restaurant specialising in vegetarian Maharashtrian cuisine.. located in Dadar and a stone's throw from Shivsena Bhavan (though I strongly urge not to throw any harmful objects in and around that area!)After a rather filling snackathon at Dattatrey (yet another son-of-the-soil to be added on Burrp) where my lady and I ordered and completely enjoyed an array of Marathi food - Thalipeeth, Kothmir Vadi, Puneri Misal and Batata Vada, the circum-navigation of Shivaji Park was required. Once done, I decided to head straight to Aaswad for a comparison...

Air-conditioned, neat decor and a higher waiter-table ratio, the service had to be impeccable... which it was. The order - Thalipeeth (two shallow fried pancakes with sweet-n-sour yoghurt) and Puri Bhaji. The butter (or ghee as it seemed) was really not required with Thalipeeth as all it did was spoil the taste... the dish is better had with Suki chutney (dry powdered red pepper with garlic) and the yoghurt. The Puri Bhaji was served with chopped onions (they seem to have hedged their onion supplies to guard against the price rise), coconut chutney and the dry one... another decent affair. Other stuff on the menu include the ubiquitous Sabudana Khichdi (steamed and spiced sago), its Vada version and a host of other Maharashtrian dishes like Kothmir-vadi, Sheera, Piyush etc...All-in-all... a fairly decent experience... Remember - this is famous for its local cuisine... so be there just for that... and trust me - I've found new love with the Marathas... they know to spice-it-up real nice!
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