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  • Most people would recommend this place to others
  • Most tried items: pizza
  • Few people mentioned Sunday lunch

Additional remarks from reviews:

music gets too loud
Bad experience
Amazing italian food
Crowded in evenings
Vivek Borkar - Burrp User

Vivek Borkar

April 06,2012

One thing missing

Visited for the first time after hearing some colleagues rave about it. Had excellent pasta, though a little heavy on the sauce. My son, a pizza connoisseur, went gaga over the pizza, not to mention the creme brulee. The only disappointment was the substandard cappuccino (for one thing, did not have steamed milk, was more like a bad cafe latte). Any Italian restaurant worth its name should have good Italian coffee.
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Reply from restaurant management

thanks sir for your comments. I will get our chef to look into the coffee

daffodilumang - Burrp User


February 13,2014

I love the place

I love to go there again and again.. Ambience is really good.you can enjoy sitting outside or inside.. In summers , mosuitos are a problem outside else its fine.
Food tastes nice..love the fondue and pasta. Good place to drink and njoi da surroundings
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Poonam Kanvinde Naik - Burrp User

Poonam Kanvinde Naik

December 21,2013

Value for Money.. Lovely Ambience

I visited this place with my husband for Sunday lunch. We ordered prawns pizza, Tuna salad and sangria pitcher. The restaurant ambiance is good and so the service. A must visit place... I would love to experience the same again.
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sheetalpratik - Burrp User


November 26,2013

Very Expensive !!!!:(

No doubt Food is Excellent. But Very Expensive.Been there Twice.Ambience is gud,Food is too Good. But costly
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Pooja Pujari - Burrp User

Pooja Pujari

November 26,2013

5 out of 5

I've been here 4 times 1st time with my colleagues to celebrate. Everything is awesome about this place food, ambiance, staff is very polite. Most amazing about this place is wood fired pizza. My favorite is Milano pizza, Fusilli Mama Rosa pasta & stuffed mushrooms.
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Bimal Shah - Burrp User

Bimal Shah

September 02,2013

Noticeable Improvement

+ As a former disgruntled customer and reviewer, I was pleased to see noticeable improvements in the service and food quality
+ Attentive servers and prompt service
+ Food is not as creamy or unnecessarily spicy as before
+ Music is the right volume

- Some improvement still needed to match what cafe mangii used to be
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Nikhil Nahar - Burrp User

Nikhil Nahar

December 03,2013

Not very impressive- Service & Environment

It was a planned Saturday night diner for me & my wife, we expected a good time will be spent in Mangi over diner. Sadly, our expectations were turned down.

Service needs to be improved a lot... there is a shear lack of coordination between your servers & bar tender. Bar tender acts really cool in front of guests, but is unaware about the products on menu.

The ambiance was very dull, music was too low & we were irritated by the noise of other guests... a similar experience that you get in any cheap thali restaurant.

Salads are overpriced... Pizzas are the only thing worth complimenting.
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Rohit_K222 - Burrp User


August 16,2013

Bad Service Experience

Having been to the Khar outlet twice before I decided to give the Powai restaurant a shot for my Independence Day dinner with my wife. My earlier pleasant experiences with Cafe Mangii in Khar was the only reason I chose it in spite of having a plethora of excellent dining options in the area. Well, not going there anymore!!

It started off well - We were there at around 8, early-ish for dinner service and there were quite a few vacant tables. We were directed to our table and got a friendly and smiling waiter for our service. We started with the minestrone soup which was a bit more tomatoey for a minestrone than I expect, but yummy nevertheless. We decided to try the Jalapeno and cheese poppers. It was OK but was more like a bar finger food and looked a bit out of place for a Italian fine dine. I should have stuck to the fondues or the gnocchis for the appetizers. Having tried their pastas before - we decided to go for a pizza this time. The Smoked Scarmoza which left us a tad disappointed. It could have been done well if the toppings were more generous. What stood out ironically was the delicious peach and apricot iced tea (Yes Iced-tea! I-Day = Dry day remember?)

Things start to go sour after that. After we are done with out food and waiting to order the desert, Mr . Manager comes in and asks if we can shift tables so that they can join our table to accommodate a larger group waiting outside. Now, anyone in the hospitality industry will tell you one of the basic courtesies is to never ask a guest to move tables before he is done. My local Udupi restaurant doesn't do that and let alone a fine-dine restaurant!!! No matter how politely it is requested, it is still insulting. And it was not even like we were lingering at our table more then we ought to. Mr. Managers argument was that he is requesting it only because there are kids in the group. lol. So What? Kids not handicapped or old people for whom I would have gladly given up my seat. You can't really expect anyone to buy that excuse, clearly it was because a larger group means more business to you.

Anyway, we decided to not wait for desert and pay up and leave. An attempt was made to placate us by offering a free desert or discount on the bill. ugghh! For an area like Hiranandani which has such great dining options with little to chose between them - sometimes its the service and the experience which tips the balance in favour or against a particular restaurant. I, for one, will take my valuable rupee and spend it elsewhere next time.
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Manmohan Mehta - Burrp User

Manmohan Mehta

July 27,2013

Awful food

Have tried this place 3 times and it has consistently disappointed me - food lacks taste and is just not palatable at all - such a lovely location is being run aground !
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ritusp - Burrp User


September 24,2013

Decent Italian restaurant

We visited the place on a Tuesday, and the place was packed! We had a friendly server, who was recommending dishes to us, according to our preferences. There were some dishes that needed some tweaking, and the server happily obliged. We ordered pizza, pasta, risotto and ravioli and everything was perfect. Even though we had some discount on the meal, we weren't offered a poor service. I would definitely recommend the place and I can't wait to visit again!
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miralshah - Burrp User


May 14,2013

Good Place

Undoubtedly, One of the best places to dine in central subs, Fondue served is one of the best I have ever tried, and the best part is the consistency with which the food is served...

Would request to maintain the level and unlike quite a few others, wither down with the service once the popularity is at peak...
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Joshua George - Burrp User

Joshua George

June 13,2013


Okay no long introductions and place opinions because this place is easy to find and doesn't disappoint. The woodfired pizza which is the highlight is absolutely delightful. the charred taste that blends really well with the thin crust and the flavours really makes for some good food.
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Mrssingh_123 - Burrp User


December 24,2012

bad one

i walk in with my pals last evening assuming that its a Fine dine restaurant, we take the corner seats inside, and thr i notice a waiter constantly starring at me...after 30 mins on continuous staring we make noise about it and call for the manager...instead of getting the waiter and making him apologize, they try to passify us with a cheese cake and a 15% discount on the bill..WHAT a experience, we go to restaurants to distress and enjoy our evening, n what do we end up coming across indecent restaurant staff...NOT DONE...
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Jayanth1102 - Burrp User


January 05,2013

Undoubtedly the best restaurant in the central sub

Went there for the nth time with an old friend for lunch today. This place has not let me down ONCE. We had the cream of mushroom soup, some cheddar cheese and jalapeno starter and the vegetale pizza. All were simply lovely. The woodfried pizzas have always made me feel a little high. The desserts, pasta, breakfast menu all are beautiful.

The alcohol is quite overpriced, but really, that's a premium I'd gladly pay for the lakeside setting and the really courteous staff.

And I must mention the one thing that really makes this place so much much much better than any other restaurant in Powai & nearby - THE MUSIC. Their choice of music is always bang on. Thumbs up for that.
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Reply from restaurant management

Thanks a ton Jayanth. It was a pleasure serving you. Hope to see you soon again.

pananavati  - Burrp User


April 21,2013

Pathetic service

Had a very bad experience today for breakfast. Extremely pathetic service. No water till 20 minutes that too after asking for it. First only waffles served without coffee for wife. Then two coffees served (not warm enough). After half an hour omelet served with white bread cold toast instead of brown bread asked for. Not recommended at all!!!
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jp001 - Burrp User


April 03,2013

The Best !!!

A fab place for italian food.
Jalepeno poppers to begin your dinner are lipstickingly tasty.
The ambience is good. you might find mosquitos inside so need to select table right.
The menu might seem a bit confusing but with the wonderful staff at your service you need not worry.
Pizzas are one of the best i have tasted so far.
The outside seating arrangement is good if u are in a group n want to chit chat.
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Reply from restaurant management

Thanks a lot for your feedback :) We are glad you had a great time.

gyadav - Burrp User


July 10,2013

Great Food but Not so Great Experience

I finished a lunch at Cafe Mangi (considered premium) with some office collegues and some of the unacceptable things I saw... A fly in the butter, Chipped Fondue bowl and indifferent waiter who told us “Bread Basket is complementary and I can only have one"....

I am just worried that there were few places in Powai which you could say "Stands Out" in terms of quality of food and service, the number is falling down.
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abhishekj1985 - Burrp User


June 24,2014

One of the Best Pizza ever had

One of the Best Pizza i have ever had...too Good,love the atmosphere as well ,Nice place to hang out.
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Reply from restaurant management

Dear Abhishek, thank you for taking the time to review your recent visit at Café Mangii. We are pleased to know that you liked our pizzas. Will certainly convey the same to the Chef. Was a pleasure serving you and we eagerly look forward to seeing you soon again. For any further queries/assistance, do write in to us on customerservice@mangiicafes.com

spicerover - Burrp User


August 16,2013

Café Mangii – House of Innovative & Creative Ital

One restaurant I often frequent is “Café Mangii” in Mumbai. Situated in the Khar and Powai suburbs of Mumbai, Café Mangii is my favourite restaurant when it comes to satisfying my palate for Italian cuisine.

Before I go to the actual restaurants and cuisine, here are a few interesting facts about Café Mangii. Café Mangii is a more concise model of the fine dining restaurant Mangii Fera. Quiz the managing Director Prashant Chaudhury of the Mangii Fera Café’s Pvt Ltd, the group that promotes Café Mangii about the name and he will tell you, it all started with a mango, or rather a mango tree and the names just popped out of that one mango tree in the front patio. Today Café Mangii is a part of the Mirah Hospitality Group, with 4 outlets in Mumbai, 2 in Pune and 1 in Goa.

Coming back to the actual restaurant, I have been to 4 Café Mangii outlets… 3 in Mumbai and 1 in Goa and the first thing you notice about the restaurant is their signature white washed walls that adorn the exteriors of the restaurant, giving it a serene look, even in the chaos of the crowded Khar lane or the chaos of Powai. What’s more, each outlet has a distinct, elegant look, with extremely tasteful interiors lit in welcoming and romantic yellow lights. Another endearing thing you notice about Café Mangii is the fact that they have wood fired oven, which is always ready to serve hot pizza’s. It almost takes you back to the smaller Pizza joints in the by-lanes of Rome where you are often welcomed in to the smell of burning wood and a pleasant “Mio Caro… benvenuto alla pizzeria!”

However, Café Mangii’s pizza’s are not their only specialty. In fact, during my last visit to Café Mangii Powai, I completely skipped the pizza’s and tried their other exotic delicacies. Here’s what we picked:
[1] Cream of Exotic Mushrooms - Thumbs up
[2] Lobster Bisque - Thumbs down, the flavour too strong!
[3] Red Wine Poached Pears crumbled feta arugula and walnuts in balsamic dressing - MUST TRY
[4] Woodfire Oven Baked Lasagna with Veg ragout - Vegetarian's delight
[5] Risotto Carneltini: Meat Lover's delight!
[6] Chargrilled Rawas Steak: Dish concept good, fish was stale... so smelly
[7] Brazilian Tenderloin Steak: Loved it!
[8] Chilean Seabass: Good
[9] Cocolate Fondue: To die for
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glen_mendes1 - Burrp User


December 04,2010

Over all good

After going through Over multiple reviews regarding this place and my several visits to mangii ferra juhu and the experience I had their in my couple of visits I decided to visit this place and finally yesterday went with my family.
I like this place, but the food is really very average . All the dishes that we tried were very average in taste, and over rated. The Quality, quantity, is suppose to do justice with the price the customer is paying for.

Not done properly many elements are not matching with the theme done it confusingly ( this is for interior of restaurant)
From outside it is done nicely with beautiful garden and pots with trees and simple but lovely lighting .

Capriciosa Pizza- ( U S P OF THE BRAND) Not like mangii ferra - Crust is not as fine as mangii ferra , some thing missing
Pene ala romana- Taste is not as good as mangii ferra was very light ( Stringy in porcini)
Prawn butter garlic- Prawns are tiny ( mentioned king prawn) if size is smaller could have compensiated with more prawn , found only 6

I was surprised that the how chef can continue to take the food preparation issue so lightly not supervising it That is sheer negligence and how Pizza Could go so wrong?

We had mocktails they are the perfect.

unmatchable as good as mangii ferra has.
Good staff and their grooming and polished language is excellent .
Right way of receiving, allocating tables, order taking, suggesting, attentive , quick and efficient.

But I hope to give this restaurant one more chance, and look forward to they are improved.
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Priyanka P - Burrp User

Priyanka P

October 21,2010

Strictly OK - Pizza hype a mystery

It lies on my route to office and last week, I could see the servers being trained. They opened on Dusshera and we decided to try it out for dinner last night.
Hard to miss this place at night – they still have their opening day / Dusshera lights up - all over the trees in front.

Kudos to their interior designer - the space is really open and the tables not too close to each other. Choose between couch seating against the walls and the high chair seating in the center. Great chandelier - check, cream-n-dark wood décor – check, visible wood fired oven - check. My only grouse - the flat screen TV. With interiors that say ‘almost-fine dine restaurant’, why a TV? It seems so out of place! Maybe it’s just me, but I think food should be king here - and TVs belong to family restaurants.

The service is nervous, hesitant, and sporadic. Expect both over-friendly servers and red-faced fumbling ones. Asked for the drinks menu - not printed yet as new place. Ok, fair enough. So what was available? Off he went to ask the bartender. Two to-and-fros later, the server produces a bar menu. Huh?
Some servers can't pronounce the dishes and are immediately recalled by other servers. Another switched fork and knife placement and rushed back to correct them. All of them dress alike, but only some of them take orders. Teething troubles methinks. Hope they smooth it out.

I went for canned fruit juice as the cocktails seemed a little overpriced for a 'cafe'. They loaded my small glass of juice with 5 cubes of ice. The complimentary breads come with a herbed butter dip and a variety of bite-sized breads – superb and polished off instantly. We ordered two anti pasti - a Camembert bruschetta and a zucchini Carpaccio. Both good but drenched with olive oil and balsamic reduction respectively. Still, not bad at all - wasn't disappointing but nothing spectacular either.
They recommended the pizza – servers, menus and signboards. They have a separate pizza menu and I was surprised at the number of vegetarian pizzas I could choose from. We ordered a Mediterranean pizza and decided to watch our pizza being made from our seats as the oven is very visible. The person making the pizzas seemed too slow and nervous to be an experienced. The pizza confirmed it - the tomato sauce was too tangy and the pizza base unevenly cooked - the middle was limp and the outer inch-ring, nice and crisp. The toppings consisted more of olives and cheese than the other toppings listed. All in all - too tangy and boring. Huge disappointment. Spied similar reaction at the next table too. Put it in a box and it could pass as your neighborhood pizzas - only more expensive.

They really need to buckle up - both on the service and the food. The pizza that they advertise lacks individuality and pizzazz. Would I go back? Only after I see at least 3-4 good reviews here and even then, skeptically.
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anuradhapatil - Burrp User


November 28,2010

Hat- trick - Winning experience

This was our third visit to this joint, really liked the place , people , and hospitality.

All the time it was the service was impressive , suggestive, efficient, and quick too.

Quick to come to the table, anticipate every need, bread baskets replenished , water refilled , pepper mill for freshly crushed pepper, preparation been asked , it was quite spot on. Sometimes though, a little over done, but I will not blame them for being best performer.

Anyway, coming to the food.

Portions are tiny and not having consistent taste .
Butter garlic prawn - Taste was variable every time
Bruschetta of brie- Dose of balsamic vinegar was different

Main Course:
1) Pene ala romana : We actu