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TheFoodGuzzler - Burrp User


August 02,2016

Justifying it's name... it gives a dining experience like the peshwas

More often than not the high end five stars have left me disappointed with the food quality, but Peshawari at ITC Maratha had surely made amends for its counterpart.

Located near the international airport ITC Maratha hosts 4-5 restaurants of which Peshawari caters to the mughlai cuisine.
The ambience of Peshawari is classy, it has a low seating arrangement and they prefer foodie having the food using their hands, all in all giving a classy mughal touch and feel to the place.

Have been here in multiple occasions, have always ordered the raan and dal makhani and assortments of bread to go with it.
Peshawari claims to have cooked their raan marinated overnight, true to their words it's indeed overnight marination which makes the meat so juicy and soft and one can enjoy the flavors of spices with each bite into the raan.
Coming to the dal makhani, it's the best dal makhani have had in years, unlike to many places where the makhani (I.e butter) a blob is poured as and when the dish is cooked, but over here it's well cooked into the dish and one can enjoy the creamy taste with every dip of dal with the rotis.

To sum it up Peshawari is a classy place, where one is made to feel that the food directly comes out from the kitchen of a mughal king.
It's sad that one doesn't gets to experience oneself to such sumptuous meals on a frequent basis, as economics catches up with you, when one realises that they are paying a bomb for the dishes!! ??
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  • Peshawari, ITC Maratha image
  • Peshawari, ITC Maratha image
  • Peshawari, ITC Maratha image
  • Peshawari, ITC Maratha image
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Niv 1960 - Burrp User

Niv 1960

April 17,2015

Indian style eating

Great food cooked truly Indian sty and to be eaten indian style with your fingers. it's heaven for carnivores like me. the food is delectable with consistency in the quality of the food. The crowd is sophisticated and the enviorment is absolutely romantic. For veggies there is the traditional paneer and they give you a choice of the same. The calorie conscious people stay away. The staff is knowledgeable and able make recommendations to suit your palate
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Raj786 - Burrp User


April 12,2015

“Authentic Indian food”

If you have one night in Mumbai, you must eat at Peshawri. The concept of an open kitchen makes a restaurant experience more fun. The decor is very ethnic and simple, with copper pots on the walls.They serve you no cutlery and you have to eat the traditional Indian way- with your hands. I loved that they had these traditional touches to the experience, makes it all the more authentic! The food is excellent in taste and presentation.Food is sumptuous enough to satiate your palate.
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  • Peshawari, ITC Maratha image
  • Peshawari, ITC Maratha image
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Bina S. - Burrp User

Bina S.

March 31,2015

Veryy good food Mouth watering!

Peshawari ITC maratha most recommended Five Star restaurant in Andheri is the restaurant where everyone is suggested to visit once atleast. Its ambience is classy and very good. They have transparent windows in kitchen so evryone are able to see how rotis and food is made. This restaurant is very clean and hygienic. It is too costly but worth it. Their Dal bukhara is the traditional dish for which everyone comes specially for that .Its taste is so good that u will not find this taste any where. Its panneer tikka salad is also chatpatta and good. Here staff are very friendly and they encourages us to eat with hands n no forks or spoon.
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RADHAKrishna 9393 - Burrp User

RADHAKrishna 9393

March 05,2015

Vegetarian's Heaven

Great address for a very nice meal for visiting friends and family.
Big portions hearty dishes in a casual setting from the frontier enhance the experience, this place will leave you full and contented.
We often opt for a meals package of Rs. 3000 which had unlimited 3 each veg and non-veg Starters, Mains and Desserts.
Reshmi Kebabs are extremely mediocre, Chicken Sheekhsare soft and succulent, Chicken Kebab are the best, perfectly cooked Raan, Burra Kebab which is my favourite, the Tandoori Jhinga – excellent, perfectly cooked, with a perfect dose of charcoal flavor and spices, Paneer Makhani and Butter Chicken quite nice flavored gravy are some of my recommendations.
The Only 5 star Restaurant which is Value for Money!
Though it has best of non-veg serves it's still called Vegetarian's Heaven!
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  • Peshawari, ITC Maratha image
  • Peshawari, ITC Maratha image
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- Tarang - - Burrp User

- Tarang -

February 24,2015

Still the best!

I have been going to Peshawari for years, and I still go, but it seems like every time I go now, the prices keep getting higher and the quantity of the Tandoori Salad keeps getting smaller. I totally understand that costs are getting higher and prices need to keep going up, but don't sacrifice quality or quantity. There is a really noticeable difference in Tandori Salad since the last time I have been here. It now has more of green capsicum, also it was slightly bland and not mixed well. Black dal and Paneer makhani were nice as always.
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Raz  - Burrp User


May 13,2014

Excellent food that makes youtheir patron

One of the best places to visit to enjoy delicious authentic food. North west frontier cuisine has always been on top of my mind. The food is rich and smothered yet subtle and succulent. Peshawri served the best Begti fish Tikkas, and the seekh kebabs were tender and the meat was minced to perfection. Another, rather simple spice mix was the "Chaat masala" sprinkled on the raw onion rings, it just woke the pallet up!! The service was excellent and the waiting staff was ever attentive and also managed to stir up some humor while serving. They even help you to recommend the best of all. I simply love Dal Makhan, breads and Sikandri raan (leg of lamb) as I was recommended by a friend.
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Jeet Thakker - Burrp User

Jeet Thakker

March 19,2014

Dont eat your fingers

This resto needs no introduction as such, been in the top list for north Indian cuisine for years. They have mastered the art of dal makhani (black dal) . The taste is soo perfect , every time i see the price in their menu i feel its overrated but when I start eating the food all those thoughts just disappear and what remains is a mouth watering finger licking experience (They dont provide spoon and recommend to eat the food with your hands) Their dal makahni is soo overpowering that other delicacies are not given their due right. Especially Tandoori aloo , this appetizer is soo common in all restaurants , reddish tandoor circular aloos served with onions but when u order the same at peshawari its totally different, their tandoor aloo is fried a bit to give the covering crispiness and yet the stuffing is so soft that it will melt in your mouth. I must say, dal makahani is the best no doubt but many others have come close but when it comes to tandoori aloo, peshawari is way ahead. Only need of improvement is the sitting , most of the seats have no back rest and its highly uncomfortable . one definitely cant relish the food with that kind of sitting. Hope they change that soon
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Vibesh Karayil - Burrp User

Vibesh Karayil

November 25,2013

Appaling customer service!!Very poor.

Having lived in Hilton right across the road, me and my mrs decided to try out ITC's peshawri on recommendation of one of my colleague. But ended up returning back to Hilton disappointed. First I found their staff were unwelcoming, I mean they didn't really bother to ensure that you get a seat when you enter the restaurant. The lady on the counter asked us to wait for 15 minutes and we did patiently talking about the interiors. However, 10,15,20 & 40 minutes passed and I have been to the entrance almost 3 times and no one bothered to explain whats going on. Every time they came with same quote of "sir 2 mins more". I lost all patience and decided to head back. Have they ever told me this would take long I would have stayed well away. Customer service at its worst form that's all i can say. I wouldn't ever bother to go there again.
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Jiggs03 - Burrp User


August 06,2013

Amazing north indian food

Normally five stars are not known for really great food, which you will long to go back for. but this one is an exception. Serves the best north indian food around. and in great quantities. Ideal for a large group so you can try their huge sized naans.And I am sure it will be a delight for non-vegetarians but there is enough choice for vegetarians as well. Would definitely recommend for people looking for north indian food in mumbai. Small detailed touches: They serve water in copper glasses as it aids digestion. Staff friendly and more than willing to oblige you with factoids like the one i mentioned before
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Prakhar  - Burrp User


July 30,2013

epitome of traditional NWFP dining..

this is one of my favorite places, i take all my overseas associates to peshawari once during their visit to Mumbai. Standard order is Dal Bukhara, Assorted Kebab Platter and Indian Breads.. over aperiod of time, the taste has mellowed, but all my overseas friends who have visited this place swear by it and vow to come back. last time i visited, there was a kebab festival going on, table for 5 costed us around 500 USD but food was totally worth it.. its been months but i still get complimented for that night.
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Aashish Trivedi - Burrp User

Aashish Trivedi

January 16,2013

Lip smacking experience!

A visit to Peshawari has now become a regular on our dining calendar. The Dal makhani is an a dish to die for. The experience though is unique for foreigners since no knives or forks are provided here. Eating by hand is subtly encouraged for an optimum Indian dining experience and is still fun. A bottle of beer or wine, the juicy and perfectly cooked rann kebabs, and finally some roti and dal makhani. Provide all types of beers and wines that go well with the North West cuisine. A very satisfying meal. The staff is well mannered and always making appropriate suggestions whilst ordering. Although a bit on the pricier side for many, it is money very well spent. An absolute winner of an experience. The only downside if any, is the lack of any privacy during meals. For a restaurant of this calibre, the tables could have been a little more sparsely laid out.
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KapilNevatia - Burrp User


July 17,2011

Food / service / prices used to be good !

The restaurant caters mainly to hotel guests and visitors from out of India. It has built quite a brand for itself and never really goes empty. When it opened, everything was really good but over the years its standards have dropped and the prices have gone up. The Dal Bukhara is still as excellent as it was. There are a few other dishes that are good. However, since the restaurant never really faces any competition, the service has become quite mediocre. If given a choice, i would choose the Kababs and Curries at ITC Parel over this one which serves more of a variety and does not give the standard line to enjoy food with your hands !
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