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YouthIncMagazine - Burrp User


May 09,2016

The Little Door Review

Tucked away in suburban Mumbai, The Little Door has both indoor and outdoor seating and occasionally plays host to musical performances and other events.
CUISINE: Continental for the most part with rich Italian and Spanish cuisine on highlight
FOOD AND DRINKS: Try sangria if you like a refreshing drink. If wine isn’t your style, go for one of their signature cocktails or enjoy a decently priced beer, or go non-alcoholic with a mocktail. The food is quite delicious. Start with an appetizer; the bruschetta is recommended. Try the pasta in the mains. The immaculate, thin crust pizzas are a must-have.
OVERALL IMPRESSION: The décor is relaxing; both indoor and outdoor. The lowlight ambience provides a personal, romantic vibe. If you happen to visit on one of the days they have musical performances or any other event, you will surely have a novel experience. The staff seem a little distracted but are pleasant and ready to serve.
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Neehar Kundurti - Burrp User

Neehar Kundurti

July 14,2015

Yummy boozy nights

In a dark alleyway off Link Road rests this haunt that has taken the area over storm. TLD is by far the best of its kind in the area. No other place in the Andheri/Oshiwara area can even come close to the service, the atmosphere, the music and the entertainment quotient this place offers. I've been here a few times, all at different time points since it opened several years ago, and not once have I been left disappointed and not once have I felt it degraded.

So basically, you enter through a little door. If it's a weekend, the place is packed. But what I like is that there is a lot of place in the outside area especially, where there are communal tables where you stand and can order. Because of this, they never turn down guests. You can get in, order, drink, nibble, all the while on a lookout for a table. Be friendly to the staff, and you find a table faster. The outter portion is nice decorated with plants, artsy hangings and lamps, with colorful murals and lighting. The music outside is not too loud, therefore conversation sans yelling is a thing to look forward to. Inside, it's more of a clubby feel. Weekends have loud music and people dancing. Otherwise, weeknights it's pretty much like outside.

The bartenders are pretty well trained. Their cocktails are not watered down and actually taste delicious with all the generous portions of alcohol. The last time I went there a few weeks ago, the white sangria pitcher we had was probably one of the best I've had (and I don't actually like white sangria). Food is also very well made. Funghi Ripieni (stuffed mushrooms) was the best thing on the menu that I tasted so far. Their calamari was also really good (not the best though-seasoning was slightly more than what I like). I've had the Italian fare in the past (veg and meat) and I've never been disappointed. Their Greek nachos and Tequila chicken was also exceptional. Basically, you should just go with what you think you may like and they will deliver to perfection. And some of the staff are very good and friendly.

So yeah, good going Andheri, there's a Bar that has stood the test of time and will always do so.
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Heman Shah - Burrp User

Heman Shah

April 20,2015

“Actually Little Door :)”

This place actually has a little door, which is quite different from other restaurants. From outside, this looks a little place, but as soon as you enter, its quite a big place. the layout is very nice, mix of restaurant, pub, disc etc..the music is very nice and so is the food. They have some really good pastas and Russo with a twist and so are their cocktails.

We had our college reunion here and all of us had a blast. They don't have a place for group sitting and gave us 3-4 tables, but then we squeezed ourselves in 3 tables and was fun to walk down the memory lanes of college days.
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wati8onmyd8 - Burrp User


April 19,2015

Food ..no great shakes!!!

Was there about two weeks back. Yes the ambience is great, music is fine, the set up and the little blue door innovative. But.........
The food I ordered was no great shakes.....
Souvlaki swords...too much chunky chicken without any predominant flavor...I have had better chicken based starters
Pollo verde .....another disappointment ...chicken in a red sauce...again no outstanding flavor....
Will I go there again ....I might ....but won't be looking forward to a great meal for sure.
You guys have a lot to achieve on the food front.
And FYI both these appetisers were recommended by your servers.
With that I rest my case.
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RADHAKrishna 9393 - Burrp User

RADHAKrishna 9393

March 02,2015

Little door to enter the Great Time

Negi is d best server in this bar. Nice music, nice ambiance. I always love to be there on a Tuesday night when I can hear some nice acoustic numbers.
This Little door leads into a throbbing open air area. You enter through wooden doors with just the numbers on the side, no name and you feel as though you have accidentally stumbled into someone's gorgeous backyard patio lit all over with tiny lights.
Every single item on Menu is scrumptious. Right from the Chocolate pancakes, the bruschetta, the crab sticks, the pork Sausages.
The ambiance has a Mediterranean feel to it. The music, the people, the vibes and hell yeah, the food all fantabulously fabulous. This place is awesome if you want to get a bunch of friends over especially those not from Mumbai. If you want to drink a lot in a different way. You cant surely miss on this.. They have a massive SHOT TABLE on which you can lay like 150 shots at one go.
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Amanda dsouza - Burrp User

Amanda dsouza

February 28,2015

Love the ambiance

I love the little door. It is just so beautiful. I love the cute little blue door and the pretty as a picture seating. It's like a patio cum restaurant. Serene as the place is the food and service is a little above par. I wish the service was tad better. I ordered for some pesto and pops and a pint. I barely spent anything.
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- Tarang - - Burrp User

- Tarang -

February 24,2015

This place is a great addition...

A brilliant and comfy ambiance with a mix of modern and Mediterranean, the place offers outdoor and indoor seating. It would be a waste not to sit out. The music indoors is loud enough to shake a leg and the outdoors are just perfect to have a good conversation with your friends.
The chef's done an outstanding job with the food. Feels authentic, tasty and light! Making a pizza "feel" light requires talent! and there are some truly sinful artery clogging dishes that will leave your taste buds and fat cells gasping for more.
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Lillian Mendes - Burrp User

Lillian Mendes

January 25,2015

Perfect hangout!

Went here with my friends to celebrate a close friends birthday on a saturday night! Happened to spot Neil nitin mukesh there just relaxing with his friends and he seemed to mix so well with the crowd.The first thing you notice is the ambience..very nice! The music played was also really good..The starters we ordered was quite tasty as well.. The cosmos was yummy .. It got a little too crowded as is was a saturday night.. Looking forward to try out their sunday brunch!
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Asha Nath - Burrp User

Asha Nath

January 23,2015

Good enough for 1 time

Been here once and may even go back again! Ambiance is so chilled out. service is okay,could be better. Nachos and pizzas are great. The crowd makes you feel young and vibrant. They have comedy shows kind of things being performed. Very good for drinkers,they have innovative drinks! It is small place so it can get a bit overcrowded though I did not face the issue. my hubby did not like the place a lot.
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Nitish Sharma - Burrp User

Nitish Sharma

December 31,2014

makes you feel younger...

Let me start at the outset by mentioning that my rating for Little Door is a combination of experience and food. . I would definitely rate it a 4.5 on food and drink but wouldn't nudge a point beyond 2 for the experience.

To start with the negatives, its a tiny place and the owners dont help the cause by letting people in till there is no place to stand. At one point the place resembled a local coach which was reasonably filled up . such is the rush that the bills are jotted down by individuals and not by tables as the number of people standing would be 4 times those sitting...may be even more.

Coming to the food its amazing to say the least. We had the nachos which were fresh. One of the ways to check whether the joint owner has lent some imagination or attention to food is when you see your nachos warm. Cos mostly they are fresh of they are warm,

Also their pizzas are innovative. The pizza variety isn't set which means you practically make your pizza by choosing from a set of ingredients. The sheer variety of the toppings means that your pizza is sure to come in thin, crisp and tasty.

But the best part of their menu is a drink called coronation. Which is a beer cocktail.It is a bottle of corona beer upturned in frozen margarita. The sheer innovation is amazing and the drink comes along beautifully.its one of the best beer makeovers i have ever seen.
The cocktails are good too...only a little more attention would have been great.

The music is loud and the barclays premier league on TV adds a nice charm to the place.

Overall a great place to hangout and chill but effeminately not if you want a nice date on weekend.
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Kritika Goel - Burrp User

Kritika Goel

August 22,2014

Recommend this place

Firstly, The Little Door has a really nice ambience. This place has good crowd, good food and nice music. The drinks were pretty good. It's slightly overpriced but worth visiting at least once. Also, the staff is very humble and polite making the overall experience very good.
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green_goblin - Burrp User


November 21,2012


I've been here twice and tried both the indoor and outdoor seating. My favorite things about the place - the music, decor and the very creative menu card. When it comes to beverages - the "whisk(ey)tea" is a cocktail best avoided. While the description seemed very interesting, the actual drink was dilute and downright insipid. Haven't tried the other cocktails, so can't really comment there.The food is pretty good - being a vegetarian, my choices of course are always limited. The non-veg beef dish was nothing spectacular, according to co-diners. My grouse is the limited menu. There could be much, much more variety in there. Another issue I had was the mosquito menace (this was when we were seated inside). It got so unbearable that we had to eventually cut short our visit. Service also gets a little sloppy as the place gets filled. Hope these guys plug these gaps, because this place certainly has loads of potential!
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gluedtofood - Burrp User


November 09,2012

Neighbourhood bar saviour!!

The little door is a nice place to hangout with friends over their tasty bar nibbles and drinks. The atmosphere in the outside section is perfect for a chilled evening with friends but I'm not a big fan of the inner AC section The inside it does tend to get a bit too loud with the music, the kitchen door right there and servers moving in and out constantly. It has a lot of pros - good booze, good atmosphere and decent food but only on a regular day.
I had heard so much about the Sunday brunch but actually i wasn't too happy with it The service was not upto the mark, the food took forever and orders kept on getting mixedup, the servers were confused about who ordered what, the buffet was not refilled, the dessert counter was a mess by the end of the brunch. I guess they had not estimated the turnout and hadn't prepared accordingly.I'd visit this place for a regular meal and drinks with friends but not for the brunch. Although, me being a dessert person their dessert menu is really tempting!!
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